Quality Air Pollution Control Services & Baghouse Supplies

Complex Mechanical & Welding Repairs

Dust Collection Repairs

For Ensuring Your Dust Collector's Efficient, Reliable Operation

Depend on UPC's Certified and Highly Experienced Crews of Professional Welders and Fabricators.

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Baghouse Changeouts, Cleaning & Inspections

Baghouse Changeout

Increase Your Efficiencies & Bag Life with Proactive Maintenance

Call UPC For Filter Bag Changeouts, Inspections, Cleaning & Troubleshooting With Our Experts.

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Pulse Jet, Shaker & Reverse Air Filter Bags

Filter Bags

Replacement Bags for Each Unique Baghouse

High-Quality, Competitively Priced Filter Bags, Cartridges & Pleated Filters To Optimize Your Dust Collector's Performance.

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Cages, Venturis, Valves, Timers & More

Filter Cages

Full Range of Spare Parts, Hardware and Materials

Our Knowledgeable Staff Will Help You Choose The Right Hardware to Best Satisfy Your Application.

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