Which Maintenance and Repair Services are Available for Air Pollution Control Systems

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Industrial plants and processes face a range of particulate and dust control challenges, hazards and pitfalls. Many industries – from coal-fired power plants to waste-to-energy facilities, to asphalt production plants and steel mills require effective, efficient ventilation, and emissions and dust control.

Compliance and Performance
United Process Control (UPC) and its sister company, C.P. Environmental, truly understand the dust control challenges of industrial environments. We know the regulations, engineering, and economics – and can help companies and individual plants comply with all relevant EPA, OSHA and NAAQS requirements and maximize cost effectiveness. Whether it’s implementing a regular inspection program for your dust collection system, making smart improvements to your filtration media, or repairing or upgrading your existing air pollution control system, we will work with you to achieve that critical balance of optimized baghouse performance and cost-effectiveness.

Improve System Efficiency
UPC can help maximize your return on investment for your APC capital equipment, filtration media, dust control auxiliaries – and energy dollars – with a full complement of maintenance and repair services from regular baghouse inspections to filter bag changeouts and routine and preventative maintenance to get the most from your existing assets. We’ll also work with you on upgrades such as converting a mechanical shaker or reverse-air system to an efficient pulse jet dust collector or upgrading a “bottom bag removal” to a “top bag removal” for greater efficiency. Our full-time certified crews have years of experience in ensuring optimal baghouse solutions with minimal downtime.

Your Turnkey Source for Dust Collection Services
Does your current air pollution control system need mechanical and steel repairs to enhance equipment performance and regulatory compliance? You can reliably turn to our experts to look for signs of wear, metal fatigue and corrosion in baghouse walls, floors, housings, tube sheets, duct work, dampers, pulse pipes, expansion joints, and fan housings. We’ll identify and repair bad welds, and replace nuts and bolts that are problematic. Breaches in dust collector structure can potentially expose employees to harmful fine particulate matter and a variety of health conditions ranging from pulmonary conditions to asthma, cancers, and heart disease; sadly, it is well documented that combustible dust can result in catastrophic fires and explosions with serious injuries as well as loss of life.

From regular baghouse maintenance services to detailed APC equipment inspections to repairs, engineering services, and conversions, upgrades and rebuilds, United Process Control (UPC) will meet your dust control challenges with the best air pollution control solutions currently available in the market. Our goal is to give you maximum efficiency, cost effectiveness, and peace of mind today and tomorrow. Contact us or call us at 908.704.0330 today to schedule an inspection.