How Use of Sonic Horns Can Enhance the Effectiveness of Baghouse Operations

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Did you know that the use of acoustic vibrations (sound) has been an effective and well-accepted practice for fluidizing unwanted dust and agglomerated particulate in air pollution control and process equipment?

The acoustic vibrations are produced with equipment known as sonic horns and they have been found to be particularly useful in reverse-air and shaker baghouses. Typically, sonic horns used in baghouse operations operate by producing low frequency, high-decibel acoustic energy – sound in the range of 60 to 250 Hz, at intensities up to 150 dB. Sonic horns are typically best able to dislodge dust and particulate matter more effectively at lower frequencies.

Some of the benefits of supplemental sonic (acoustic) cleaning for shaker and reverse-air systems include:

  • Reduced differential pressure
  • Reduced wear and mechanical stress on the filter bags
  • Increased filter bag life
  • Enhanced dust removal from the filter bags
  • Helps to eliminate blinding
  • Reduced system downtime

In reverse-air baghouse cleaning systems, the cleaning action is gentler as compared to pulse jet systems. As a result, the dust will sometimes bridge in the bag and not drop to the hopper. The vibrating effect of the sound waves on the filter media can prevent this from occurring. Similarly, shaker baghouse cleaning systems are gentler compared to pulse jet dust collectors and sonic horns can be a useful cleaning enhancement for these situations.

Sonic Horn

Sonic horn designed to be mounted between the bags in a shaker or reverse-air baghouse to improve cleaning.

Orange Sonic Horn

Sonic horn featuring a flange design for mounting on a hopper wall to fluidize flow in the hopper.

Besides the use of the sonic horns in the baghouses themselves, they are also used effectively to help prevent material accumulation/build-up in hoppers, storage silos and bins, ductwork, spray dryers and fans.

United Process Control (UPC) – and sister company, C.P. Environmental (CPE) – offer customers many different sonic horn models with different acoustic parameters and materials of construction. We focus on understanding the needs of each market and application such as today’s waste-to-energy facilities and coal-fired plants.

Contact us to see if supplemental acoustic cleaning with sonic horns is recommended to further optimize your baghouse system and meet your operating goals.