Leader in Dry Filtration Service Solutions

Baghouse Repairs

United Process Control (UPC) is a leader in dry filtration service solutions for industrial baghouse/dust collector systems in North America, largely in the eastern and southeastern parts of the U.S. UPC has been serving the pollution control industry since 1986.

UPC’s focus is on providing baghouse owners with a turnkey source for baghouse services including complex mechanical and steel repairs, inspections, bag changeouts, supply of filter bags and baghouse parts and accessories, and custom baghouse conversions, upgrades, expansions and baghouse improvements.

Customers consistently rely on UPC – along with fellow Micronics Engineered Filtration Group company – C.P. Environmental – to help meet increasingly stringent air quality regulations from the EPA, NAAQS, and OSHA regarding dust collection, particulate matter, and combustible metal dust.

Key Markets and Applications served by UPC:

UPC offers turnkey dry filtration solutions including extensive routine and preventative maintenance services for a wide variety of air pollution and dust control equipment. UPC’s mechanical and steel repair and fabrication capabilities and depth of experience are second to none and UPC prides itself on its responsiveness and deep industry knowledge.

Products and Services:
Replacement Bags and Parts – Your source for replacement filter bags, pleated filters, cartridges, cages & venturis, installation hardware, baghouse parts & accessories, leak detection powder, precoat filter aid & more.
Complex Mechanical & Steel (Welding) Repairs – Mechanical and steel repairs for hoppers, scrubbers, housing, tubesheets, cleaning systems, duct work, dampers, expansion joints, fan housings.
Baghouse Maintenance Services – Including complete filter bag changeouts, Inspections, cleaning, and emergency services.
Conversions & Upgrades – UPC has the knowledge, expertise and certified personnel to retrofit, convert, replace, upgrade, expand and Improve upon existing baghouse/dust collector systems.
Fabrication Services – Full fabrication and supply capabilities for all replacement parts for your baghouse and dust collection system.