High Efficiency Filter Bag Cleaning (HEC)

HEC Filter Bag CleaningUnited Process Control (UPC) – along with sister service company, C.P. Environmental (CPE) – offers a range of baghouse maintenance services such as our high efficiency filter bag cleaning (HEC). HEC is performed on-site and in place and there is no bag removal. This single bag cleaning is 10x greater than pulse jet cleaning. If compartment isolation is possible, we can perform this service during normal operation.

UPC and CPE’s high efficiency cleaning services can bring new life into dead filter bags, delivering the following key benefits:

  • Return to a higher airflow
  • Reduces compressed air/ energy consumption
  • Prolongs bag life
  • Savings on replacement costs
  • Lowers differential pressure
  • Less cage wear and tear
  • Less downtime
  • Increased production in a process-related baghouse

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