Aggregates, Cement & Asphalt

Aggregates, cement production, and asphalt production are all industries where dust control and control of emissions are of paramount importance.

UPC – along with fellow Micronics Engineered Filtration Group company, C.P. Environmental – understands the complex set of issues facing these industries, including the increasingly strict clean air regulations affecting production.

We provide high-efficiency fabric filters, cartridges, pleated filter bags, and all the replacement parts necessary to keep your baghouse equipment running efficiently for all major aggregates processes. Baghouse Filters and Supplies

For your convenience, UPC also offers a full line of installation hardware, baghouse spare parts and accessories – such as timers, diaphragm valves, solenoids, and repair kits – and products & services for your routine preventative maintenance including leak detection powder, inspection lights, and precoat filter aid. Many of these products are in-stock for quick delivery.

UPC not only stocks the filtration products, but also the expertise for providing optimal fabric selection. For instance, the stringent emissions requirements imposed on asphalt and cement production can be met with High-Temperature and Low-Temperature filter media including Fiberglass dust control bags, high-efficiency dual-density, PTFE membrane, micro-denier polyester fabric, aramid, and homopolymer acrylic felts, which the Micronics Engineered Filtration Group manufactures in its state-of-the-art filter media manufacturing facility in Chattanooga, TN.

UPC can also provide you with the tubular, double pocket, and triple pocket bags commonly associated with dust collection systems in these demanding industries. Shaker design bags for your Nuisance dust collectors are readily available in woven, knit, and “shaker” felt fabrics.

UPC provides companies with numerous plant and terminal locations with “a single source” for baghouse solutions expertise – and competitive pricing – to meet all their filtration needs.

Contact us or call us at 908.704.0330 to learn more about our baghouse solutions for aggregates, cement, asphalt, limestone, and allied industries.