Chemical Manufacturing, Paint & Pigments

Whether the application is paints, dye and pigments, petrochemicals, detergents or plastic production, dust collection systems are an integral part of chemical manufacturing operations. Dust collection systems in these industries are often undersized or manufacturers are under pressure to maximize gas flow to meet increased production demands. United Process Control, Inc. (UPC) offers many services to address issues unique to chemical operations, including expert mechanical & steel repairs.

Filter for Dust Collection Systems

You can depend on UPC to help select the best filter media for your dust collection systems.

Selecting the best filter to use in a chemical process is critical to optimizing your production. In addition to its full line of filter bags and cartridge filters, UPC also offer pleated filters with membrane finishes that can increase filter area over your typical filter bags.  You can depend on UPC’s expertise in helping select the best filter for your chemical process.

UPC – along with sister company, C.P. Environmental (CPE) offers industry-leading baghouse maintenance services to help you minimize downtime and keep your plant running efficiently as well as in-compliance with all relevant EPA and OSHA standards.

You can confidently turn to UPC for your dust collector services including mechanical & steel repairs, maintenance, changeouts, high efficiency cleaning, filter bags, spare parts & accessories, and custom baghouse retrofits, upgrades, core conversions, expansions and baghouse improvements.

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