Energy-From-Waste Baghouse ServicesUnited Process Control (UPC) is a leading supplier – along with sister company, C.P. Environmental (CPE)– of baghouse services and mechanical repairs/upgrades to energy-from-waste facilities.  We are experienced with understanding EPA air emissions requirements, Industrial Boiler MACT Rules, and the service/repair requirements of these facilities. We have a strong commitment to helping you reduce particulate matter (PM) from the emission streams; we understand that strict emissions controls are an integral part of delivering clean, sustainable energy solutions.

With UPC and CPE, you get the benefits of full-time baghouse technicians – with long-standing industry experience. Our full-time baghouse maintenance crews are available – when you need them – to expertly coordinate all facets of field service from inspections to filter changeout services to full air pollution control (APC) repairs & rebuilds.

UPC and CPE provide industry-leading High Efficiency Cleaning (HEC) services designed to help powergen clients operate with lower baghouse differential pressure, achieve higher efficiencies, and lower operating costs. Our goals are always to help you minimize production downtime and achieve better emission compliance without the cost of a full filter changeout, when possible.

Our Sales and Service team has over 30 years of industry knowledge to help assist you in finding and implementing solutions to improve your air pollution control operations – this includes everything from fabric evaluation to baghouse repairs & upgrades needed to increase operating efficiencies and ensure long-term performance stability.

Contact us or call us at 908.704.0330 to learn more about how we can assist you with meeting PM 2.5 regulations, the Industrial MACT Rule, and our full range of baghouse products and maintenance & repair services tailored to the energy-from-waste (waste-to-energy) industry.