Differential Pressure Gauges and Controls

Differential Pressure Gauges Differential pressure is the difference in pressure in a dust collector from the “dirty side” to the “clean side.” Changes are typically an indication of changes in the condition of the filters bags, such as a bag leak or rupture, or an indication that the cleaning system is not functioning properly.

Differential pressure is measured using a variety of gauges such as Photohelic® and Magnehelic® gauges which United Process Control (UPC) stocks for its baghouse customers.

The Magnehelic® pressure gauge measures differential pressure between the “clean” gas side and the “dirty” gas side of the baghouse.

Photohelic Pressure GaugeThe Photohelic® gauge measures the differential pressure and provides the capability for “on-demand” cleaning in conjunction with a timer board. Photohelic and magnehelic gauges can be checked at any time to monitor system problems.

On-demand cleaning based on differential pressure has a variety of benefits including compressed air savings, longer life on solenoids and diaphragm valves, and extending the life of your filter bags.

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