Sonic Horns

Red Sonic Horn

Sonic horn designed to be mounted between the bags in a shaker or reverse-air baghouse to improve cleaning.

United Process Control (UPC) is a supplier of sonic horns used in acoustic cleaning of baghouses, storage silos and bins, hoppers, spray dryers, fans, and other applications where use of sound vibrations helps to fluidize dust deposits, eliminate dust/particulate build-up, and keep your dust collector system clean and operating efficiently.

Our sonic horns are designed to produce low frequency acoustic energy in the range of 60 to 250 Hz, at intensities up to 149 dB.

Yellow Sonic Horn

This sonic horn model features a flange design for mounting on a hopper wall to fluidize flow in the hopper.

UPC offers its customers many different sonic horn models and types with different acoustic parameters and materials of construction, selected specifically for your market/application and operating conditions. All our sonic horn models are designed and manufactured for ease of installation and increased cleaning efficiency. It’s reassuring to know that we also stock most sonic horn spare parts, diaphragm plates, and driver assemblies.

Contact us or call us at 908.704.0330 for assistance with acoustic cleaners for your application or to request a quote for sonic horns. Let UPC assist with baghouse maintenance & repair services as well as all the replacement filter bags, cages and venturis, installation hardware and baghouse parts and accessories to ensure the efficient operation of your dust collector system.

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