Filter Bags

Filter Media, Finishes and Configurations To Meet Your Dust Collection Needs

Filter Bag CageUnited Process Control (UPC) supplies customers across diverse markets and applications with high-quality filter bags in an array of filter media, finishes and configurations.

These include knit, woven, and felt filter bags in filter fabrics ranging from polyester and aramid to chemical-resistant and high temperature.

Aramid Filter Bag with Snap Band Top

This aramid filter bag with “Snap Band Top” is just one of many configurations offered for your dust collection needs.

We can offer a multitude of configurations from simple, “raw-edge top, disc bottom” to snap band top, loop top, flange top, skirt top, and wire ring top. Options also include multiple bottoms, wear strips, and grounding straps.

UPC Filter Bags

This grounded bottom-load polyester filter bag helps to reduce static electricity buildup, thus reducing the possibility of a spark initiating a fire or explosion. It features a copper ground wire.

Contact us to discuss the media, finish and configuration that is the best choice for your dust collection needs. We draw-upon the outstanding state-of-the-art bag manufacturing capabilities of our sister company, Southern Filter Media (SFM).