Fluorescent Leak Detection Powder, Inspection Lights & Precoat

United Process Control (UPC) provides fluorescent leak detection powder, precoat powder, and black lights to support your baghouse needs.

Fluorescent Leak Detection

Leak Testing with our Fluorescent Dye Powder is an effective way to find bag failures, structural leaks, cracks or bad bag seals.

Baghouse leak testing is an important method used in detecting failed filters, cracked tubesheets, or bad bag seals. If you suspect a problem or want to make leak testing a part of your routine and preventative maintenance schedule, UPC has the supplies – and the services – you need.

Our certified and trained service crews have the tools necessary to inspect the dust collector after the leak detection powder has been introduced, provide you with a full, detailed report on the results, and the capabilities to make the required repairs.

Contact us or call us at 908.704.0330 to learn more about our complete leak detection inspections through our service crews and to learn about UPC’s full range of products and services to enhance quality and reliability in your baghouse.