Leak Detection Powder

Leak detection powder is a useful tool for your routine and preventative maintenance program in your baghouse. Leak testing is an effective way to find bag failures, structural leaks, cracks or bad bag seals.

Leak Detection Powder

Leak Testing with our fluorescent dye powder and black inspection lights.

United Process Control (UPC) offers and stocks fluorescent dye leak detection powder in a variety of neon colors – including pink, green, orange, yellow, violet and blue – depending upon your specific baghouse needs and preferences.

Leak Detection Powder Colors
Our neon leak detection powders are available in:

  • 5 lbs. buckets (4 buckets/case)
  • 25 lb. buckets
  • 300 lb./55 gallon drums

Contact us to order your leak detection powder and black inspection lights or to implement leak testing as a part of your ongoing preventative maintenance program.